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Yes, absolutely! Transat Telecom has put at your disposal a very user-friendly and easy-to-use web interface. It consists of three steps: Choose your package and your options. Provide your personal information. Pay and print the order details. You can always contact us by phone and place the order with one of our representatives.
You can request a seasonal suspension for a minimum of 2 months, with a payment of 50% of your monthly payment and a maximum of 6 months.
No, just send an email to info@transattelecom.com with the account name and the minimum cancellation date 7 days before the start of the billing cycle. The contract with Transat Telecom has no term commitment, you can cancel when you want.
In general, we send you a service renewal letter just before the end of your term, otherwise please contact our billing department.
Four payment methods are at your disposal: Credit card, debit card [Interac], pre-authorized automatic debit and cash, however, the most preferred way for the customer is the credit card, and this to facilitate the transaction.
Our service is offered to small and medium businesses at very competitive prices. Please visit the business solutions website for more information.
That is why it is strongly recommended, to avoid any interruption of service, to notify us of your move at least 15 days in advance.
No, with Transat Telecom you have no obligation of commitment of duration.
At the moment, we do not offer personalized email addresses. We recommend using free email providers such as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo.
Yes, especially for companies, for individuals it is possible also for a monthly fee. You can contact us for further information.
Yes, Transat Telecom has packages specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses, for more information check out our business offers: https://transattelecom.ca/qc/business/en/
Yes, you can make your order either by phone, online or come to us in our offices.
On the Transat Télécom website, you have your dedicated space. Click on “Customer Area” and enter your username and password. You will be able to view your bills online and print them, as well as your monthly consumption and all the details about your account including your customer number. In your customer area, you can also create tickets to our services to report a problem or request changes to your account. One of the representatives of the services concerned will call you during our opening hours.
Your username is the email address you used when ordering. The password is emailed to you the same day you place the order. It is recommended to change it as soon as possible by choosing a password that you will remember.
If you have difficulty accessing your account, do not hesitate to call our customer service or send an email to: infos@transattelecom.ca.
Yes, $ 49.95/HT payable in one installment or on three installments.
Four payment methods are available: Credit card, debit card [Interac], preauthorized direct debit and cash. However, the most used way for the customer is the credit card to facilitate the transaction.
A move to our office will be required to sign a debit authorization and provide us with a check specimen.
NO, you pay the rental fee for the devices included in the starter kit only once for the duration of the Transat Telecom services.
Transat Telecom offers an online billing service via the customer portal and for more details the billing service will listen to your questions.
For an environmental concern, we opted for an online bill consultation service via your customer portal.
The starter kit is charged when you make the order and your billing cycle will begin on your service activation date.
Transat Telecom will notify you of the payment rejection (by email or/and phone). You will be asked to contact the billing department as soon as possible in order to avoid any service interruptions.
Yes. It is your responsibility to contact customer service to stop your billing. An email must be sent to infos@transattelecom.com an order to ensure traceability.
Any changes to your payment method must be communicated as soon as possible for a good service continuation.
To avoid any interruption in service, please notify Customer Service of any changes as soon as possible [15 days before the moving date]. A fee is applicable for the removal.
Sure. Our internet service is based on cable and not on the dry line.
Usually, you have to go get your 48h kit before the technician goes by if you have chosen the “On-the-spot” option. If not, you can go right after the technician goes to retrieve your kit.
Yes, according to availability. Please call Customer Service to schedule a new appointment.
The technician will install the coaxial cable and then connect the modem to test it. A guide is provided with the equipment to assist you when connecting the modem with the router.
This will depend on the diagnosis of the problem with you by phone: If it is a hardware problem, it needs to be checked on the spot and change it if necessary. If it is a problem of connection, network or cabling, we send you a technician who will solve the problem.
After the technician has passed, it is necessary to wait between 2 and 4 hours to have a stable signal (check the “cable” light permanently). When the light stops blinking, it means that you are connected to the signal.
Please disconnect the modem power cable, wait 10 seconds and reconnect it, if the problem persists, please contact our technical support.
You can access the menu of your router by marking the following IP address on your browser: Then click on Wireless (Wifi) to change the settings of your Wifi network.
The download speed is the speed of data transfer from your internet package to your computer (watch a video on YouTube, download a file, etc.). Upload speed is the speed of data transfer from your computer to the Internet (updating your personal website, sending an email, etc…).
It is a unit for measuring the theoretical throughput of data transfer between the Internet and your computer. It corresponds to the number of information units (bits) transferred every second and measured in thousands (Kbps) or in millions (Mbps).
Perform the following actions to try to correct the situation: – Reset the modem by unplugging the power plug for 5 seconds. – Disconnect any additional computers or devices that may use bandwidth (example: a P2P transfer computer, such as Torrent / eMule) – Check the cables – Wrongly wired or damaged cables can severely degrade the signal. – If you have a router, try connecting your computer directly to the high speed modem. – Close unnecessary programs and services. – Perform an antivirus scan – Some viruses continually transfer data to the outside, causing the connection to slow down. – Try to download data with another browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, etc…).
You can do the speed test by visiting speedtest.net. First, make sure that your antivirus is paused at the time of the test and that you have connected your computer directly to your network cable modem.
Yes, Transat Telecom offers you the transfer of your phone number with a charge of $15 + Tx, provided that your current number is still active with your phone provider on the date of transfer.
For calls overseas, you need a calling card compatible with IP telephony, we advise you the Fona or Ultra brands.
It will depend on the diagnosis of the problem with you by telephone: If it is a hardware problem, this requires checking it at our premises and changing it if necessary. If it is a problem of connection, network or cabling, we send you a technician who will solve the problem.
Please dial *98, then enter your personal password. If you have forgotten your password, please contact technical support by phone at (514) 360-9090 or by email at infos@transattelecom.ca.
Yes. You can reach technical support by phone, email or chat from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 7 pm and Saturday between 10 am and 5 pm.
Yes, the equipment provided are already preconfigured. And with the instructions that you will receive with your starter kit, you will be able to plug in your equipment by yourself. If you find it difficult to do so, please contact us at (514) 360-9090 for technical support.

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