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Terms of services

It is the customer's responsibility to know the contract, which constitutes a legal agreement between Transat Telecom and its customers.

Transat Telecom enters into agreements with clients who have reached the legal age of majority based on their dates of birth and considers that the client is authorized to enter into this agreement. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the customer to indicate any information indicating that the agreement can not take place.

Any concealed or misleading information would result with the client being transferred to the company's banned list.

The agreement

The agreement is considered valid from the moment you place your order.

The customer has the right to cancel an order before the scheduled date of installation of the service; however, a fee of $ 40 will be retained.

For monthly subscriptions, the customer has the right to break the agreement at any time while respecting the billing cycle.

For six-month and annual subscriptions, the customer has the right to break the agreement at any time while respecting the billing cycle. In addition, a refund of the remaining months of the agreement, at the monthly rate at the time of the agreement, will be made.

In the case of the annual and semi-annual subscription, the breach of the agreement before its end forces the customer to pay the remaining amount of the monthly departure package in force at the time of the agreement.

This agreement concerns Transat Telecom's Internet access and telephony services. Transat Telecom is forced to provide the necessary equipment for its services, such as the modem and the adapter. The customer is responsible for the recovery of the equipment before the date of the installation of the service; otherwise the installation costs will still be retained.

Equipment provided by Transat Telecom for free rental is the property of the company and must be delivered at the end of the agreement.

Transat Telecom may modify the agreement and its terms and conditions by giving the client 30 days warning by telephone or email. However, the customer has the right to refuse any change to the terms of the agreement and to break it. Details of the breach of an agreement are set out above.

The customer can not modify the terms of an agreement.

If the customer chooses the purchase option for the modem or the router, it will come with a one-month warranty with Transat Telecom and one year with the manufacturer.

The agreement between Transat Telecom and its customers is regulated by the federal government of Canada. The federal laws and regulations of Canada as well as the province or service offered are applicable.

Duration and Renewal

The agreement between Transat Telecom and its customers ends at the end of the term of the chosen plan. However, it is possible to renew the agreement according to the new rates in effect and the new promotions in progress.

Customers already promoted may have access to other promotions in effect prior to the end of the agreement; however, a $ 60 fee will be retained for the change. In addition, the customer may, at any time during the agreement, have a new service at the regular price.

Fees, invoicing and payment

For monthly packages, Transat Telecom makes its invoices available to its customers in the customer area at the beginning of each cycle.

For semi-annual and annual plans, Transat Telecom requires that payment be made at the time of the agreement and for the entire amount; otherwise, the agreement will be cancelled.

The customer is in the obligation to pay all costs related to the starter kit, when ordering.

In the case of annulation, there are two cases.

The monthly agreement: the customer will have to pay the entire amount related to the monthly billing cycle.

The semi-annual and annual agreement: The client will be reimbursed, at the monthly rate at the time of the agreement, for the remaining cycles of the agreement, starting from the date of cancellation. In addition, breaking the agreement prior to its termination forces the customer to pay the remaining amount of the monthly departure package at the time of the agreement.

Method of payment

Automatic debits from the customer's credit card.

Pre-authorized payments (customer's bank account).

In both cases, the customer authorizes Transat Telecom to deduct the amount of the invoice, the unpaid charges and the interest, if any. The choice of these methods of payment constitutes clear authorization from the customer. The customer must also ensure the validity of his credit card and notify us of any modification related to it.

A fee of $ 5 will be retained by Transat Telecom for each transaction rejected or rejected by the client's bank. In addition, Transat Telecom is not liable to its customers for additional charges automatically generated by their banking institutions in the case of a balance without provisions.

The customer has 30 days from the date of the invoice to dispute the charges contained therein, otherwise Transat Telecom will continue the process.

Temporary suspension

The customer has the right to suspend the services of Transat Telecom for a maximum period of two consecutive months. The client is only entitled to one suspension of services per year.

Temporary suspension costs are $ 25 per month for Internet packages and $ 30 for duets (Internet and telephony). For the telephony service, no temporary suspension Is possible.


Customers who already have a promotion must wait until the end of the agreement to access new promotions, free of charge, when applicable. This if at the end of the deal promotions are available, otherwise prices will systematically switch to a regular rate.

It is the responsibility of the customer to contact customer service in order to benefit from one of the promotions available at the moment, if any, at the end of the agreement; otherwise the price will switch to the regular price.

Customers who have already been promoted may have access to new promotions in effect prior to the end of the agreement; however, a $ 60 fee will be charged for the change.

Frais du changement de profil

Change of speed with the same technology: 29.95 dollars.

Change in speed and technology: the cost of installing to the new network, plus the costs associated with the new modem compatible with the new technology.

Cancellation and refund

Any cancellation of the order before installation results in a cancellation fee of $40.

Customer acknowledges and agrees that Transat Telecom is entitled at any time to terminate the Agreement or suspend any service by giving 10 day's; warning by telephone or email for any reason is. Transat Telecom reserves the right to terminate the agreement or suspend any service at any time by giving 3 days warning in the event of non-payment of service charges, the abuse management policy, the illegal use of Transat Telecom's services or any violation of Transat Telecom's policy.

The customer is obliged to pay all expenses related to his Transat Telecom account even if Transat Telecom terminates the agreement for any reason whatsoever. Amounts due in respect of the period before the date of entry into force of the measure taken by Transat Telecom and all costs incurred, if any, for the recovery of unpaid amounts must be paid.

In the case of the semi-annual or annual agreement, the service fees paid by the customer, in advance, will be reimbursed by Transat Telecom as of the effective date of the end of the agreement, in accordance with current regulations.

It is the customer's duty to communicate with us by phone or email to advise us of any changes to our service. Rental/purchase of equipment is non-refundable.

The customer can terminate the Contract.at any time and upon payment of the Price of the Services rendered and charges, if applicable.

Determined time contract:

– When no economic benefits were granted to the client, the maximal compensation demanded by a client after the termination of a limited time contract before time, corresponds to : 50$ or an amount that represents at the most 10% of the price of the services expected to be used for the contract.

-If you terminate a Contract in consideration of which some economic benefit or a discount was granted to you upon subscription, you will have to pay the termination fee equivalent to the economic benefit specified in the Contract, minus the product obtained by multiplying this benefit by the fraction constituted by the period from the coming into force of the Agreement with respect to the total number of months stipulated in the Contract in question.

Undetermined time contract :

In case of termination of contract by the client of an unlimited time contract, no compensation can be claimed.

Return of the leased equipment:

The equipment necessary to obtain the services must be returned in good conditions to the provider at the termination date otherwise the provider is in all right to claim the value of the equipment depending on the duration of its usage and the actual price of the equipment when the contract was concluded.

When changing place of residence, the customer is responsible to contact Transat Telecom before the moving date in order to update the address and account information.