Restrictions 911

Transat Telecom's 911 services do not work during network outages. The customer is therefore responsible for ensuring that the service is functioning and that any abnormality is reported to our technical support. Transat Telecom is not liable to any person for any inability to access this service.

Calls to emergency services, carried out by VoIP, allow the agent to automatically transmit the telephone number and the address of the customer. It is these two pieces of information (telephone number and customer address) that enhance the 911 VoIP service and distinguish it from conventional 911 services.

Calls to emergency services made by VoIP are treated differently than calls made in a conventional way.

The customer acknowledges, understands and agrees with all failures that may occur during calls made at 911 by the VoIP telephony service.

It is the responsibility of the customer to notify any other user of the VoIP digital telephone service, its nature and the limits of calls to 911 emergency services, carried out by this VoIP service.

The Customer acknowledges and agrees that Transat Telecom is not responsible for any interruption of service or inability to make calls to 911 emergency services through the VoIP Digital Voice Service. Transat Telecom is not responsible for the inability of the customer and users of the VoIP service to communicate with emergency service personnel due to 911 service limitations.